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UniTMS-Transportation Management

Transportation involves a wide variety of jobs. There are jobs like maintenance of the vehicles and repairing them which need to be done by humans. But there are certain other jobs in transportation by automation. You need to oversee the movement of goods and services. You also need to keep track of inventory, packaging, any undue delays in between and even security of the goods transported. You need to figure out the most efficient route and means of transport to get the goods from A to B. One can thus foresee the most efficient way to reach the consumer with the help of software rather than through trial and error. This saves time and cost. Enable your supply chain to ship freight when and where you need it – especially if you need it quickly with transportation management software from VRS softwares. Consolidate orders, optimize shipping and freight across your company, and maximize returns on transportation costs.

  • Key Features

    • Security
    • Dispatch
    • Accounting
    • Records
    • Billing
    • Inventory & Godown Stock

  • Features & Benefits

    Our software, known as UniTMS is developed for giving the technology edge to Road Transport industry. It gives you the ability to receive orders electronically, inbuilt inventory module, optional financial management module. Designed specifically for logistics and Transport Industry, UniTMS is the most widely used transport software in the industry.