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Retail POS Software for Retail Store Chain

UNIRetail brings an all-in-one Retail Store Management Software with POS Billing, Inventory Management, Financial Accounting and Payroll Management. For retailers, who own a stand-alone retail store or a chain, UNIRetail is ready to use Retail and POS software. Retail Software plays a very important role for businessman to run their operations in order to gain more profit. They reduce inventory cost through tight control and smart ordering which is very vital for a business.

Retail POS Software you can count upon

The VRS UNIRetail Software offers a wide range of services in Garment Store, Restaurants Management, Departmental Store, Footwear Store and Home Furnishings Store and because of its flexibility and scalability it has proved to be very useful for businesses. UNIRetail-6 is a GST ready inventory & accounting software that helps you generate invoices easily, Manage your accounts, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory accurately, Generate 1000+ reports and file GST returns effortlessly.

Benefit of GST Billing Software

As a business everyone's focus is on growth. But a good technology solution enables and expedites your growth faster. UniRetail 6 is one of the best retail billing software for small and mid-market retailers. This complete package enhances different process and operations of a industry. It has the ability to work on different operating systems. UniRetail 6 provides integrated software solutions that can help a business to overcome different challenges and attract new generation of customers. It gives an accurate overview of the things going on in the business and minimizes human errors. Order handling feature eases the process and provides the customer a personalized shopping experience.

Garment Store Software

UniRetail 6 is a complete package for businesses indulged in the garment industry. It is currently being used by a lot of big brands in different states of the country. Its different features make it one of the best options available in the market. It features smart billing through which billing process get easy and simplified. Data managing feature helps in easy data correction of entries in different document types.

It’s stock management and moving feature helps in measuring and management of commodity for sale and purchase along with easy movement of stocks between the warehouses. Read more

Restaurants Management Software

It is a complex task to manage a restaurant as different tasks like-billing, accounting are associated with it. UniRetail 6 provides a centralized control over all the activities and provides real time tracking of different levels which ultimately reduces the wastage and increases cost-effectiveness. Read more

Departmental Store Software

Some of the major challenges in the Fast moving consumer goods market is distribution, marketing and repetition of manufacturing. They either make a company or break a company. But with UniRetail 6 management of different channels can be done effectively along with deriving good amount of profits. Read more

Footwear Store Software

There is no denying in that footwear industry has become one of the fastest and dynamic sectors in today’s economy. The competition has increased to a very high level and has made knowledge, skill and experience compulsory. UniRetail 6 suits perfectly to the needs of the footwear industry as it provides the best software solutions available in the market. It gives a level of flexibility that is far beyond a process done manually. Read more

It acts as a great tool to handle stocks and sales order along with billing. It reduces the amount of time by reducing human interface and which ultimately reduces the error factor. Sales increase and become faster and profitable.

Home Furnishings Store Software

A sale in furniture across the world has increased a huge extent in the last 10 years. A high Demand and consumer preference has increased growth opportunities but has also invited new challenges. Furniture’s in today’s world are becoming more compatible and tech savvy so that they can meet different needs of the customers. Read more