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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Store management Software for a Jewellery Retail Store.

Why it is needed?

If you own a Jewel Store, you sure have a handful of things to focus on. You should be choosing your designs, controlling the Inventory, handling customers, managing vendors, deciding when to buy… and the list goes on. While you control the core functions, Its important that you get the best tools to automate your store and outsource non-core functions like accounting and taxes to people who are good at it.

Why is a Point-of-sale software needed for a Jewellery Retail Store?

Here are the problems which most of our friends and customers in the jewellery business have faced:
  • Difficulty in managing stocks with multiple price tags.
  • Managing Inventory.
  • Handling the register of customers
  • Quick and Fast Billing at the counter
  • Managing multiple cash payment options
  • Exchange of old jewels
  • Managing Chits
  • Tallying day end cash and credit card receivables

Identifying the best tool.

Choosing a good software is an irreversible decision and hence you should give it a long thought before you make that decision to buy. I have shown you the good with the bad to help you make the right choice for your business.

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