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Retail Software For Footwear Store.

India is the second largest footwear manufacturer in the world, next only to China. The industry is characterized by cottage industry scale manufacturing and remains unbranded. Footwear retail market is very price sensitive and has a glut of unorganized players but the organized retail market too has been steadily growing over the years. Such a balance requires an integrated business management solution that allows flexibility to cater to the diverse & unique demands of Footwear Retailers. VRS Retail Software Apparel & Footwear software company Mumbai India gives you total control over your sales & purchase, inventory and finances of all your stores, all the time. It takes care of all your business processes in one integrated system.

Special features

> Manage different sizes for men, women and kids.
> Sort your inventory in various ways by adding custom fields like shoe size, gender, article number, patterns, sole material, heel size, brand, lining etc.
> Design and print your own barcode stickers.
> Easily key in your purchase orders or auto generate purchase orders to purchase your raw material.
> Manage your purchase and sales returns.
> Define loyalty programs for your shop and give your customers loyalty points.